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Prognosis why Non currative radio therapy for lung following radio 17 years previous for breast cancer ago please advise

am writing in relation to my 75 year old mother. She was diagnosed 22/3 with a 5 cm tumour on lung. Pet scan showed chest lymph nodes inflamed failed biopsy on the 24/3 and a month later we've just had the ebos scan for the lymph nodes came back inconclusive. Still no staging or type cancer defined.

After the long stressful wait we had the prognosis today and because my mum is a 20 year breast cancer survivor having had radiotherapy then they have suggested non curative radio as they think it will do her more harm that's good.......why can't they just remove it surgically if it hasn't spread!?

I think they think she's too old. Plus her esphysema. I have her on essiac capsules and true pine anti oxidants plus still alkalising and also awaiting vemma another high anti oxidants. I did ask about the targeted therapies and immunotherapy drugs but was told after a low dose age of 5 radiotherapy treatments that they would wait and see following outcome.

What can I or we do please advise and help direct us. Thanks in anticipation of your assistance? Praying for miracles

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Hi Alex,

It is understandable that you are concerned about your mum’s management. I don't think her age would be a factor as 75 years is not considered old these days. There are many reasons why surgery is not offered for example, the position of the tumour may not make surgery feasible. It might be a good idea to ask the oncologist at the next clinic visit if it would put your mum at unacceptable risk to repeat the biopsy to permit pathological diagnosis and tumour subtype. Write down any questions you may have before you go to the clinic. Your mum's management will routinely have been discussed at a multidisciplinary team meeting so treatment decisions are not made by just one health professional.

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline.