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Our brilliant Health Awareness Volunteers

Hello! I just wanted to update everyone about our Outreach Programme. Many of you will know we have been recruiting volunteers over recent months to go out into the community to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer and also our charity profile. Yesterday our first team completed an intial training course held at our office in Liverpool and it was a brilliant success, enjoyed by everyone [both staff and volunteers] who took part.

I just wanted to tell you about it as I am so thrilled that we have such fantastic volunteers who are clearly committed to making a big difference in helping to get the messages out into the community. They will support the work that so many of you are doing already in your various, fantastic ways whilst also making my job very worthwhile. So here is a massive thank you to everyone involved in this initiative and also to those of you who are wishing us well. Finally, can I please ask that if anyone wants to get involved or knows of anyone who may want to be then please contact me - we are recruiting our next team NOW! I will keep you posted on progress.

Very best wishes to everyone, take care and thank you once again!

Joanna x

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Hi Joanna, I would love to get involved if you are doing anything in Manchester, most of my weekends are


oops (most of my weekends are free)


Hi Loopyloo

That is great, it would be nice to meet up and talk in more detail about the work. I understand you are busy with other things at the moment but when you are ready please can you email your details to me:

I am very happy to come over to Manchester and we can have chat over a cup of coffee, it will be lovely to see you. So until then, bye for now and many thanks. Take care, Joanna x


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