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Had chest xray came back abnormal anyone know anything about this please x

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Dear Caz91Welcome to the forum; a chest x-ray that is abnormal is not a diagnosis in itself but an indication that further investigations may be needed. An abnormal x-ray can mean many things, infection, chronic lung conditions, fluid in the lungs or an enlarged heart.

It is understandable that you would be concerned and common for many of us to think the worse, but try not to look for answers from the internet as there can be many inaccurate and not up to date information there.

The British Lung Foundation is a good website for anything respiratory: blf.org.uk/

They may be arranging a CT scan for you which is a normal process and hopefully things will be clearer then.

If you wish to discuss anything you can either email us at lungcancerhelp@roycastle.org or call our freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

It's been a on going issue e.g... lost voice dry throat cough plhem ect

RoyCastleHelplineAdministrator in reply to Caz91

Hi Caz91It is always advised to have any new or change in symptoms checked out and the helpline nurse is happy to go through this with you or anything else you would like to discuss, you can either private message us or email us at lungcancerhelp@roycastle.org

Nurse helpline is 0800 358 7200 Monday to Thursday 0900-1700 and Friday 0900-1600

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

JanetteR57 in reply to Caz91

try not to worry - it could be many things - I've had those symptoms many times and had diagnoses of pneumonia and other nasty chest infections - nothing sinister - despite a history of lung cancer.... as already stated, it's one of many tools to investigate further to see what might be causing an issue. I've also had abnormal mammograms and was told it was likely I'd moved in the mobile scanner as the follow up was normal.... it's really important that they are investigating so try and wait until the results are in before second guessing.... good luck.