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Recent diagnosis


Just found out my mum had lung cancer 2 days ago. It is extensive in both lungs and has spread to her bone.

I am her only daughter and next of kin.

I feel incredibly sad.

What am I to expect in the way of care for her?

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Hi I've recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and my family are in the same position.I do hope you get some advice off this forum.you must be feeling so helpless.

Bob k. xx


Thankyou for you kind words Bob. I am sorry to hear about your diagnoses.

I am sure like everyone in this position we all have so many questions spinning around in our heads. It is good to know that people are there to hell whenever possible.




Sorry to read about your mum. You must both be feeling very anxious. Please ask your clinician if you can talk to a clinical nurse specialist or them about what you can expect. Lung cancer is now treated as a 'personalised' approach so treatments depend on a number of factors and many patients even with the same type of lung cancer will have different treatments to suit their specific tumour and their own body characteristics as well as recognising any other conditions people have. Once this has been explained to you, there is a lot of clear verified information on the Roy Castle website about the different types of treatment to give more detail and pictures/diagrams to help us understand this detail. There are many people on this forum who have gone through or are still going through treatment and plenty of moral support. good luck.


Thankyou so much for your help and kind words

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There are also a couple of helplines - one run by Roy Castle and one by Macmillan that offer support as well so if you prefer to speak to a person once you have more information, that's an option too. best wishes.




I found I had lung cancer in January and was immediately given radiotherapy (not painful) which helped my bones. After a biopsy (again not painful), I was given a drug targeted at my form of cancer instead of chemotherapy. This seems to be working well so I hope something similar happens in your mother’s case.

The support of my husband, daughter, son and friends make such a difference to my quality of life.



Once we have had time to digest this news we will hopefully be able to get on a do what is necessary.


Hello my dears. I am sorry that your Mum has only just been diagnosed. There is so much excellent help and information on this forum, for both the Recipients of cancer and their Families/Friends.

Love and Hope are twin siblings add Faith and it’s triplets.

Many blessings.


🙂 Thankyou


Dear LaurelandCallum

Welcome to the forum and apologies for the delay in responding to you. So very sorry to hear about your Mum and such a shock and rollercoaster of emotions for you all. There have been excellent responses to your post and in addition I have placed some links below for you to source information and support. There is a lot of support available, so do take it if offered or ask for what you need. It is such a strain for the family and carers as you want to do the best for your Mum, especially as you may feel that extra pressure of being the only daughter, you need to look after yourself starting with today.

There is lots of information on a variety of topics you can acces from our website or you can order booklets online which we will post out to you.

roycastle.org/ 0800 358 7200 (nurse led helpline number)

Some areas in the UK have lung cancer support groups, this is the link for your information:


Cancer research UK : cancerresearchuk.org/ 0300 123 1022

Macmillan information : macmillan.org.uk 0808 808 0000

maggiescentres.org/ (practical,emotion,social support) 0300 123 1801

carersuk.org Information, advice and support 0808 808 7777

Your Mum should have had a lung cancer nurse specialist allocated to her care, if not the GP or Specialist can refer one for your Mum, they will be able to guide both your Mum and the family to what happens next and what services are avilable locally. Your Mums GP is a good source for referrals for services.

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kindest regards

The Roy Castle Support Team


Thankyou so much for your help




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