Hello everyone - Jules here.

Thank you so very much to all those wonderful people who responded to this post.

The stories are all different, but all give me faith that my mum too can 'join the ranks' of you guys 'survived it'.

I think you will remember me telling you that both my mum and me both ha head injuries resulting in mild brain injury in the last few years. It changed both our lives, quite badly in some ways - but reading your posts has humbled me.

I really dont know what my mum must be going through - she suffered her brain injury just last year - didnt see this one coming.

I need to write another post now, its about something else, so i will start a new 'post'.



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  • Sorry about your mom's BI. I've mentioned the first haemorrhage I had. It took some time to get back to almost as I used to be, albeit with epilepsy,a certain amount of deafness and hopeless balance. It's never going to get any better than as it is now. To top it all I have heart disease. However,take care of her,and yourself of course. I'll try to get back to sleep and so goodnight to you ladies. Dave x

  • Thank you for that Dave

    Nite Nite from the ladies


  • Hi Jules

    Thank you for sharing and we are thinking of you both. Even though on this forum many of us never meet , just know a lot of people are supporting you by their thoughts and care, as is shown with the replies you have had.

    All the best

    The Roy Castle Support Team

  • Ahh how lovely is that.

    It is making me a little weepy thou - in a good way.

    So many wonderful people.



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