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Attendance Allowance

Yesterday, my Lung Specialist Nurse said she would be raising a Form DS1500 for me to claim Attendance Allowance.

However, when I downloaded the claim form and looked at all the questions, I honestly couldn't confirm any of the needs. I'm completely mobile and apart from breathing problems climbing stairs ( I've since learned to slow down!) or long slopes I feel completely fine.

How have others dealt with this?

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If you contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau they should have a Macmillan Benefit Advisor. At my local office I met with the advisor and she completed the form with me. As you have cancer you should qualify for the benefit no matter how you feel. I too feel good but I successfully claimed the benefit, although I am not sure I would have had the confidence to fill in the form without the advisors help.

You may also be entitled to a Blue Badge but they will advise you about this at the same time.

It is certainly worth trying for it - what have you got to lose.

Good Luck xx


That form automatically qualifies you for attendance allowance simply because your classed as terminally Ill. I thought I would not get it as my husband works and I am still managing to work part time. . But I was awarded it at the higher rate which was a big suprise. I also qualified for Blue badge and free car tax. So fill it in you have nothing to lose. Good luck with everything x


You should get a Macmillan adviser help you to fill it in they know what is needed you come under special rules so it should be straight forward. Your specialist nurse should help you get in touch wit Macmillan they helped me with Chris's claim and if you have trouble they will pursue it with you. Good luck you are entitled to it.


Hi I get PIP under the DS1500 rules and didn't need to fill a form in.I just had a telephone interview and it is automatic if you have a DS1500.I still work and am totally mobile.Macmillan pointed me in the right direction or I wouldnt have known about it.


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