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bone cancer spread from lung cancer


looks like my lung cancer eat up one of my shoulder bones !!! an my doctor tells me nothing can be done about !! does anybody knows something about it !! please you can contact me at or 954 646 6149 thanks Rudy

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Rudy, I’m sorry to read this. Has your doctor given you radiation to destroy the cancer in the bones?

Since you are progressing I would recommend you push for a new biopsy to learn the cancers new mutation. You might need a different chemo or you might be able to have a targeted therapy pill.

If your doctor won’t do it get a second opinion and fire him. I would recommend Moffet over MD Anderson. Both are good.

The speaker at the lung cancer living room this past week was from Florida and he is much loved by his patients. Luis E Raez, MD.

rdflynnjr in reply to Denzie

Hi Denzie,

I'm curious over why you recommend Moffitt over MD Anderson. I live almost next door to Moffitt and have gone to them twice in the past for a second opinion. Actually, my oncologist at the Tampa VA hospital is on a fellowship at Moffitt. I've thought about going to MD Anderson for another opinion. I have to be careful to make my decisions from logic, not desperation. My finances are not unlimited.


DenzieModerator in reply to rdflynnjr

While both hospitals are excellent and have great reputations Moffit is the Only Florida location that has the NCCN designation. I’m trying to remember which educational seminar sponsored by the which foundation I was at where we were told the primary sites of hospitals tend to have the more cutting edge Doctors. It’s been driving me crazy trying to find this in my notes. I would willingly be seen at either.

Sorry to read this - in the UK we sometimes use radiotherapy especially SABR for bone/spine mets - is this possible where you are ? good luck.


I have lung cancer with Mets to bone. I have had chemo with paclitaxel & Carbolatin for 6 treatments and also have keytruda every 3 weeks. I had high dose radiation treatment on my lung and 5 other parts on my bone..2 in my spine and others in pelvis. I'm currently stable and due for petscan in july. Hoping everything remains stable still. Good luck to you


I have mets to my spine and pelvis. Am on chemo and will be discussing radiation next week.

Will like to know what course of treatment they recommend for you.

Hold fast always.


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