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lung cancer

I,m susie whate

Whats on my mind is lung cancer i would like to help. it really makes my day if i can help i think when i help someone with lung cancer. They comment how much they liked what i wrote. i can usually get them to smile its what we all need to try to get there minds off the cancer even if its just a few minutes with a smile or laughter. i think it helps all of us. So i do what i can to make them smile and laugh,it makes you feel better for awhile. Thats important. people so i pray you have a smile and laughter as much as you can handle. i,ll help i,ll put a smile on your face and laughter. Please do it for you it will help. love susie jo

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Go SusieJo! People come here looking for the experiences of other patients and 5 years survival is pretty special.

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thanks denzie i appreate it i.ll tell them i promise. love susie


denzie can you repeat what you sent me about places i can help. i erased the wrong message. would appreciate it. how are you this morning. love susie


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