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Update on Dad again

Well once again , after consulting with the Doctor, they decided that they will not do this procedure, Radio embolization (sp) , (from what my family tells me, I was not at the consult). They want to get the remaining fluid out of his lung first, and concentrate on lung's tumor. The liver thing is secondary. This is a snippet as I understand it , from my Dad's consult with the Dr.

I tell more later as i find out the details. Don't know what the next steps will be.

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This journey is such a bumpy one. Lots of tests, appointments and waiting. Take it one step at a time. Your dad will probably feel better when the fluid in his lung is removed and the lung situation improved. I hope everything goes smoothly for him. How fortunate he is to have family that is with him through this journey.


Thanks,.. it is a bumpy road. Dad has absolutely no energy now. Just sits or lays down all day. getting up and down stairs is a bear. Chemo takes a lot out of him. Looking for what's next.

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