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I am Free

I was diagnosed on March 4th 2016 with stage 2 nsclc I am a 53 year old female. I was devastated... I had 12 round of chemo 27 radiation treatments and after 4 weeks of recovering from those treatments I had top lobe of right lung and 3 ribs and also what was left of tumor that had shrunk by more than half removed 13 days ago. I am still in alot of pain but was all worth it Doc told me friday that I am cancer free. God is good !! I am here for anyone that is going through this..I went through alot of this journey alone with Jesus and a few loyal friends..Please feel free to ask any questions or just need some support God Bless...

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That is amazing news, DawnDaigle

Thanks for sharing a bit of your story and the hope it provides!



I am so happy for you, that is so great. You Are a fantastic person to have made it through all of that and come out a stronger person. You give everyone a little hope.

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Soooooo happy for you. Such good news. Yea!


Dawn, how gracious of you to share and to offer to help others along their path. This community is just a great place to be who we are - so much kind support and encouragement.


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