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infection can it cause swelling

hi all, i wonder if anyone can help me please, i had breast cancer, and now lymphodema in my arm, i am okay with wearing my garments, but i am getting a pain in my elbow , and now the swelling is getting worse.

I have developed a bad fungus infection under 3 of my toes, cannot move it. Could this be causing a infection making my swelling in my arm get worse ?.

Thank you all for contributing to this site, it is so comforting just knowing i am not the only one.

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Hi there, I was never ill before I had lymphoedema. Now a common cold can wipe me out and cause a flare up of swelling in my legs. I'm not sure if an infection overloads the system and causes more swelling or if my immunity is surpressed by the lymphoedema so I get ill more often but I'm guessing it's prob a combination of both. I'm not a medical professional but based on my experience I think that it is possible that any infection could cause the swelling in your arm!


If you had breast cancer, the problem might be carpal tunnel syndrome caused by long term side effects of hormone or chemo therapy. Google more accurate info from US websites (ASCO, MD Anderson etc) to see if this might be a possibility.


If it red or hot you need to see a doc if not you still need to contact your lymphodema consultant hope you can sort it

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