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Is it connected

I was diagnosed with Lymphodema in both breasts last year after lumpectomies for breast cancer in October 2013. I was born with glaucoma (which is well controlled with eye drops), and last December I had a cataract op, I had a check up just over 4 weeks ago, the pressure was high, and I was told I'd be seen again in 4 weeks, which brings us to Tuesday this week, vision rubbish, and after seeing one person I saw another and I was told I have cornea oedema (waterlogging), so I'm wondering if I've just been unlucky or if the 2 conditions are connected, any one else had something like this, have a nice weekend, x

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You don't mention if you had any lymph nodes removed in either armpit. If you did, this would be the most likely explanation for breast oedema. Regarding the eyes, there are lymphatics in some parts and there are studies, reviews and videos on the Internet demonstrating lymphatics. I don't believe anyone medical would be able to tell you if your conditions are connected at this point, but of course there may be a fellow sufferer on this forum.


Hi White sugar, yes I had all nodes taken from my right arm, and I'm just wondering if someone else on this forum has had the same experience, currently I'm going through its one of life's little coincidences and the next I'm lymph odema, cornea oedema (which is listed as a complication of cataract surgery) so perhaps they are x



There is a lymph circulation in the eye - discovered a few years ago.

My mother suffered a central retinal occlusion. Then the lymph gathered and didn't clear from the eye blocking her vision and recovery

She has primary LD. The specialist insisted the two lymph systems were different and unconnected.

We don't agree - but as there's no treatment for a retinal occlusion it doesn't make much difference.

Certain eye conditions are associated with types of primary LD ( ie

Milroys with a double row of eyelashes )

So I think there is a connection between the lymph systems.

Hope this helps


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