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GERD and Asthma control


How do you manage Asthma when you have a severe case of GERD

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I was prescribed Lanzoprozole which I used to take in the morning, which is when people usually take it. After I had been on it a while I had to see a throat specialist about something else. He noticed the small blister type thing on the back of my throat, which he thought were down to acid reflux. He suggested I take the Lanzoprozole at night, about an hour before I go to bed. I didn’t notice any difference to begin with, but now, some months on, I don’t have a problem with it. ( I would quite often wake up with a pain running down from my throat which I had to settle down with an antacid. That hasn’t happened in ages.)

bgreco45 in reply to Troilus

Thank you so much for the feedback

Beasley63 in reply to Troilus

I have been having a lot of issues with my gerd and it definitely affects my asthma. I take Nexium daily but all of a sudden this awful heartburn has started. I have pain in my chest that goes all the way to my backbone sometimes. The burning is unreal. I have taken Mylanta to try to eases it off. But I have not had heartburn in years since I was put on Nexium in 2008.

My Dr had me originally taking Zantac, until that was now I take Pepcid, just double the normal dose (my insurance wouldn’t cover the equivalent prescription med) he did tell me to take it a night before bed, took a few days, but tremendous improvement


Make sure you discuss this with your health care provider.

In addition to medications your doctor might prescribe you may want to look at this list of lifestyle changes that can help:

• Elevate the head of the bed 6-8 inches

• Lose weight

• Stop smoking

• Decrease alcohol intake

• Limit meal size and avoid heavy evening meals

• Do not lie down within two to three hours of eating

• Decrease caffeine intake

• Avoid theophylline (if possible)

At one stage I was prescribed gerd medication both morning and night. This was quite helpful. Unfortunately most asthma medication flares up gerd, and the reflux flares up asthma. Singulair might help asthma without flaring up gerd. Other than that, mylanta and Gaviscon.

bgreco45 in reply to Dairyman11

Thanks, Question- Do you think the Inhaler Medication triggers the Acid Reflex and Asthma Symptoms?

Dairyman11 in reply to bgreco45

It is not unusual for me to use 20+ puffs of inhaler medication per day. At that dose it does cause increased reflux for me, which I then counteract with antacids. Less inhaler use may not be as bad.

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