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Asthma is heritable


I was diagnosed with asthma when I was in the seventh grade. I suffered for 4 years until I had a bad flare up and didn't know how sick I was and why my chest hurt and I had trouble breathing. I had colds that lasted for 2 to three months and missed a lot of school, lots of cold medicine. Finally I had an answer why I was so sick. Asthma. With all the medicine for maintaining my help now and yes I have flare ups but today I know how to manage my health. My great grandfather died from an asthma attack. There are several of us who have it and some who out grew it and others who may have a few years it's quiet but after the years no symptoms and back to having health issues. But I live my life one day at a time. By the Grace of God I learned how to manage my health.

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You have such a great outlook!

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