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Living with Asthma
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Running with Asthma

Hello All!

I'm new here.

I've had asthma since I was six years old. I am now 69. I've also been a distance runner for most of my life. I can tell you that distance running has been a wonderful thing for my health and sanity. Yet, distance running can be a problem for people with asthma.

My problem has always been that when I run too much and too hard, especially in the fall and spring, I get sick. If you are interested in any type of distance running, from jogging to racing, i want to recommend my book to you, "Running with Asthma: An Asthmatic Runner's Memoir." It is available on amazon.com. I've developed many strategies to prevent illness and asthma attacks while maintaining a running program. My book comes with the endorsement of my medical doctors, Dr. Richard Warner and Dr. Robert Ajello.

I'd like to engage in discussion with anyone with asthma who is attempting an exercise program, whether it be distance running or something else.

It is interesting to note that many great distance runners such as Galen Rupp, Alberto Salazar, Paula Radcliffe, and Haile Gebrselassie have asthma.

My email address is runnerwithasthma@gmail.com. My website is runnerswithasthma.com.

Yours for better breathing and running,

John Terry McConnell

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Thanks John. I struggle everyday with hiking and jogging or brisk walk. Use advair and pro air . Really have to push, never find it fun or easy but do it any way. .. Thanks again..


Congrats on the book and the running!


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