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Anyone Up

cant sleep same heart palpitation and head spinning feel like going to faint when we get rid of this panic attacks and disorders anxiety symptomps i did my all blood test all normal heart ultrasound esg all normal what it is ???anyone up ???do i have to worryy or its just anxiety i dont have any headache chest pain just light head head spin feel like faint and heart palpitation and think that something going to to happen but its not thanks if someone respond

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Hi Ali, Try & slow your breathing down, easier said than done, I know! It does sound as if your having a anxiety/Panic Attack which I know from bitter experience are dreadfully frightening!

No harm can come to you! Have you got a paper bag you can breathing into, then exhale out slowly afterwards? This does calm your breathing down substantially!

I know you have a tremendous fear of something bad is going to happen to you but trust me it won"t!

Please try & lay down breathing slowly in & out of paper bag or do you have Medication you can take to calm yourself down a little?

I find it help is you are on your own to phone a friend or member of family who understands what you are going through & talk to them?

It also help to listen to relaxation, calming music via i-pod with ear-plugs, it helps me tremendously.

I sincerely hope you start to calm down as soon as possible, the more you focus on it the worse it gets, that is why I suggested listening to Meditation/Relaxation or Breathing Exercises you may have been taught! I hope you feel better very soon,

In my thoughts & Prayers

God Bless Lynn XX


Sorry I should have said take some comfort that all of your test results have come back negative, so you know there is nothing physically wrong with you.

I sincerely hope you get some relief very soon,

Please let us know how you get off tomorrow?

Every blessing Lynn XX

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Morning,I'm in England.

Can't add anything to what Betty has advised,excellent ways to help you cope.

Hope your now calmer,and can sleep.xx

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Morning Aly

I see you have had a good reply from Bettybaby. I cant really add much to what she has said other than you have had all the tests and they have come back fine which is great news for you.

Our mind can go into overdrive when we are anxious sort of waiting for something to happen, what we don't know but still waiting and over thinking.

Distraction is a good method to help cope with these thoughts and feeling, such as coming on here and posting, reading and replying to others.

Wishing you a calmer day.

gardener x

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thanks all for reply thanks bettybaby i am awake with happy day lol bu sometime i fed up with these symptomps but i know its nothing its in my mind thanks gardenertwo should i worry about my brain like mri?? because i have dizzy feelings i mean light head its because of anxiety panic attack related or something in my brain what you guys think?? but i talk to my gp he said its nothing in your blood and nothing in your brain wrong its your thoughts its anxiety thanks if you reply me


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