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Living Well with HIV
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Living well with HIV

Hi there, just wanted to introduce myself here. I'm Kirk and have been living with HIV for many years now and as long as one continues to take their meds then you can lead a healthy, long life now. The hardest part is finding a partner who understands. Perhaps I might find another HIV + guy here and we'll live happily ever after. I'm in San Francisco if anyone wants to chat and maybe meet up for coffee or a drink let me know. Thanks.

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Hey Krett. My name is Joe. I'm HIV undtetecatable and would love to have a relationship with a guy that's undetectable. I'm 41 black in great shape and easygoing. Would you be interested in meeting for coffee. I'm very active and have a few races coming up this summer. I live in the outer Richmond.

Tell me more about you.

Take care.


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