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Getting informed on HIV/AIDS

I am a South African, living in the US, legal resident since 2008. I had been learning and interested to know more about HIV/AIDS. I lost my brother in 2001, my niece couple years ago. Now my sister and another niece have HIV. My sister is noncompliant and since I'm not in SA, I am very concerned about her. I had been working on how to become the force of change in her life, she has 2 daughters who need her and some guidance, My niece, proactive, she had a baby boy who is HIV-.Right now I want to get much information and learn as much as I could with the notion I'll go back to SA and be part of those trying to fight this epidemic. So much has been done, still being done in SA but still, women all over, either not tested, noncompliant. Any advices on how do I go about getting trained and certified in this area? I chose living with HIV because my faimly is infected, I'm affected and I am losing my beloved so as my neighbors, friends my fellow SAns

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