Living Well with HIV


Hi, I am Jacob, I'm an 18 year-old white English male and suffer from health anxiety and paranoia. I went for a HIV/Syphilis test in early December last year, of which was deemed negative. Since then, I have been clubbing whereby I engaged in open-mouth kissing and sharing cigarettes with girls I don't know, what's the likelihood that I contracted HIV? I know it cannot be contracted though seliva but I don't know if these girls had significant cuts or bleeds in their mouths? I also get quite bad cracked lips?? This is something I am understably concerned about all help/advice is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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hey be strong and stop being reaklessly with your my dear friend


Regardless of what people think personaly I think HIV is more of a mental disease than physical even get the virus is really difficult I have never given any1 to the best of my knowlege HIV and from what I have discovered is that it's not that easy to pass around and if anything the center for disease control are the real people to blame for the epidemic of HIV and Aids...


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