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Hello from Rachael

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Sorry, I have not been present and blogging for the site 2018 has been very busy for me. I am studying for my PhD which is related to disability rights and employment law. I started part-time employment as a law tutor at my local university which has been a great experience. Also, I have been working towards my postgraduate teaching certificate which I have successfully completed. I have been battling infections since before Christmas but seem to be recovering now. I feel it takes longer for me to recover because of my CP. Does anyone else find this? On a positive note, I started slimming world in January and I have lost a stone and a half so far. 2018 is going to be a great year for me. I am going on holiday to Jersey in June to see a friend. I am going to write a disability accessibility blog about Jersey to post on here, so watch this space. I'm also going to Northumberland for a holiday with my Mum and my two Golden Retrievers. I have also joined a choir and we sing modern songs and have our end of term review on the 2nd of June. So I'm looking forward to that. For the next few months, I will be focused on my PhD but I will try to blog on health unlocked every week.

See you next week.


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