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clothes shopping and cp.... not as simple as it should be!!!!

I decided to treat myself to some new outfits yesterday and as usual, got a bit impulsive.

As well as the smart shirts and trousers I bought for going out and wearing in the office, I decided to get some new jeans. Simple enough you may think, out of the endless styles available, I went for slim fit as I would never get skinny on and off! So off I wobbled happy with my new purchases without trying them on - I find trying on trousers a nightmare in shops because there is never anything to hold on to or sit down and I have to take my afo's off and put them back on which takes ages.

I get them home and try them on... they looked great, BUT I can't roll them up to put on my afo's and there's no way I can get them on with my splints already on..... Such is life!!!

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Try boot leg cut good for afo's


they are, I'm going to get straight leg as they will roll up far enough


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