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how I squeeze physio into my daily routine!!!

As I'm sure we all lead busy lives Ithpught I'd share how I manage to squeeze what I believe to be a manageable amount of physio into my daily routine, as it is just as important to keep up with physio in adulthood as it is when we are younger.

I tend to start the day with a good stretch out once the baclofen kicks in as it helps me 'get going' easier. Using my yoga strap to help get a bit more of a stretch, it only adds about 10-15 minutes onto my morning routine but makes alot of difference.

If I'm not rushing around all day I like to take an hours rest to restore my energy levels, during that time I do some more gentle stretching usually using my resting splints or gaiters. They are fantastic in helping get a good stretch with minimal effort. I use my resting afos to stretch my achillies tendons and my gaiters to stetch my hamstrings.

Then when I get time I do some more active physio, like more active stretching and range of motion exercises and muscle buliding exercise. For these I use my physio ball and foam roll. This tends to take half an hour 45 minutes, sometimes longer when I'm feeling more energetic.

I also go to self help hydrotherapy sessions once a week, and use the gym once a week.

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