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FAQ HealthUnlocked is an Open Community, what do we need to know about security and safety whilst using the site?


Members of LWLD UK community should read Guidelines which cover the whole of the HU site including the Posts and Messages in conjunction with LWLD Community Posting Guidelines. By using LWLD HU you are accepting these posting guidelines and agree to the HealthUnlocked's site Guidelines and HealthUnlocked's Terms of Use as provided in the link below;

LWLD Guidelines & HealthUnlocked Terms of Use link below;


The LWLD HealthUnlocked community is considered an open community, this means that any 'open' Posts are 'searchable' via any Internet search engine and can also be shared on Facebook and/or Twitter. If you would rather your content was not 'searchable' and/or 'shareable', make sure you select the visibility status of your post as visible to 'Only followers in my community' only BEFORE you click submit. If you go back and change it later, the Post may still be 'searchable' for a short period.

For your own safety, you should not disclose personal information such as your e-mail address, home address or telephone number (or any other information which could identify you indirectly) on the LWLD community. Online security starts with you.

In this community, we discuss very personal information and most of us do not want that information circulated outside of this trusted community.

Here are some tips to help you retain control of what you share.

1. Choose a username that does not contain any identifiable information and one you consider that is best for anonymity purposes

Unless you want people to recognise your postings on other forums, do not use the same or a similar username across different sites around the internet. Likewise consider very carefully whether your profile picture should be of you, particularly if you are working.

2. Choose a unique and strong password for each site where you must register

You can change your HealthUnlocked password by clicking below;


3. Think about the security of where you log in to this site

Do you use a shared device? Are all the applications used on it patched to fix known security bugs? Does it have a reliable malware scanner installed and up to date? No operating system/application is totally secure, some are just more secure than others some of the time.

4. Understand and become familiar with the security features of this site

Whenever you submit a post, carefully consider whether you want it private to this community and set "Who can see my post?" accordingly. If you accept the default setting of 'Everyone' then everyone in the world with an internet connection will be able to find your post, both by searching on this site or via their favourite search engine.

Time for an honest answer, how many of you found this site via a specific search on (what your community supports) using Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc, found a good answer to your question and then joined?.

FAQ How do I lock my posts so only members of this community can read them?


Controlling your privacy (HU Help Link)


Looking after your safety (HU Help Link)


Private Messages cannot be viewed by HealthUnlocked employees unless they are included in 'People in this conversation'.or reported due to abusive, spam or scammers, see post below;


How to report private messages to HealthUnlocked, link below;


5. Understand how what you submit can be used by HealthUnlocked

Review the Privacy Statement and read it thoroughly - TWICE if you need to!


Please Note: If there is anything which you are not comfortable sharing with the HealthUnlocked community, you should not include it in your posts, questions, comments, or answers."

6. Carefully consider what is in your profile and what is public using the settings

Your profile is a double edged sword; more detail helps others help you, but also releases information you may wish to keep private. You can set individual fields to private or leave them shared.

How do I edit my profile? HU Help Link below;


How do I upload a profile and background picture? HU Help Link below;


How do I update/add medical conditions, symptoms and/or treatments?

HU Help Link below;


LWLD does not take any responsibility for any personal information shared either on the open community or via private message. We recommend you take measures to protect your security and privacy as above, however if you disclose this information in any way you do so at your own risk. When you first join the community you are informed about locking your posts and given the information link explaining it in full. It is your responsibility to remember to lock future posts and the only reasons a community admin may step in to lock a post is if it contains extremely sensitive information (abuse, sexual assault, trauma etc) or if we are asked to by the original poster (OP)

Hope this has helped you to fully understand any security and privacy issues within LWLD HU

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Community Admin team using the private message facility, links to help you do this are below;

How to find the Admin for each community


How to use the Private Message Facility


Thank You for reading

LWLD Community Admin Team :)

Please Note: This post may be shared on Twitter and/or Facebook as an information post within the community so replying option is switched off on all FAQ's

Posted: Sept 2018