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FAQ How do I deal with Cyberbullying, Trolling, Spammers and abusive comments or messages?


Hello LWLD Members! :)

Unfortunately ALL communities can experience members who behave in this manner. LWLD has a ZERO approach towards Cyberbullying & Trolling including Spammers and any member who takes part in these activities will be restricted & banned from HealthUnlocked.

Please read the LWLD Guidelines below;


If you receive an abusive/spam comment or private message, please DO NOT REPLY as you could then be guilty of breaking this guideline too, meaning you would also be restricted/banned. The best thing to do is REPORT and let the Community Admin & HU team deal with the member.

How do I report content on the main board? HU help link below;


How do I report private messages?


Know that the Report of Abuse will be dealt with accordingly. In these circumstances HU have the ability to access & read any of the reported messages to take further action to restrict or ban any of the members involved. Please note this is ONLY done in circumstances such as reports of abuse etc other than these rare situations your private messages between members are just that private.

In relation to receiving abusive/spam messages please read the following about the Private Message Facility

Please be aware about:


I am sure see adverts on the television about scams and are aware that certain emails you receive should be deleted, however you may not have considered that HU Platforms can also be subject to scammers. Be Alert and if you receive a message that you are concerned about 'Report ' (as per information links above)


As above, sometime people join HU Platforms specifically to spam members, as they see it as a great opportunity due the amount of members our communities have and how many people they can reach .They often take advantage of larger communities to send messages about products, therapies, treatments and advertising etc. If you receive any message like this please 'Report' (as per links given above)

Abusive messages

Sometimes on the community heated discussions occur and even once dealt with by Admin, these can spill over into private messages between the members concerned. As above, if you are sent an abusive message please 'Report' and most importantly do not be tempted to reply as this could lead in both parties being restricted from the community, as we have a Zero tolerance approach to Cyberbullying and online abuse.

Members can also join to troll communities, and a definition of a troll is 'is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion, often for the troll's amusement'

Our advice would be do not engage with any newbie who presents in this manner and always report to Admin if you are concerned.

HU and Cyberbullying/Trolls


How do HU deal with Trolls?


Vulnerable members

We all feel for members within the community going through hard times, struggles in life, recent traumas etc and often members will speak private via private message. Whilst this is not a problem, we would like to ask members to remember that if you feel the discussion is concerning you in anyway to report to an Admin.

Our concerns regarding this is that none of us our trained counsellors and even if you have experience in this area, members should always be signposted to seek professional help. Ideally, we hope members do take this on board and not take others stresses on board causing your symptoms to flare and potentially causing emotional fatigue.

Who are the Community Admin in LWLD Community?


How do I use the private message facility to contact Admin?


Inappropriate private messages

If anyone receives what they would consider an inappropriate message containing any wording which could be seen as harassment in any way shape or form including sexual remarks, abusive comments, discrimination etc. Please do not delete these messages and follow the advice to ignore and report the message as per links given above.


We often have many newbies joining our wonderfully supportive community and whilst the majority are genuine members looking for support some can be classed as Spammers, Scammers and Trolls due to their behaviour since joining the community. As you know we often experience Trolls on the community and whilst we do our best to control the situation the issue is continuing to be a problem. You can help by reporting any behaviour, so we can help reduce the amount of trolls who try to disrupt the community by reporting posts and comments.

Sharing of personal information & Internet Safety

Sharing of personal information is done so at your own risk, we and HU provide you with the following advice about controlling your privacy, link below


We also would like to mention that you are careful when communicating in a private message with any member you speak to and of course what you share on the open community too. Remember, most members generally prefer to lock their posts to this community only otherwise posts can be found be search engines, for more information see link below;


Thank You for reading, as we do like to provide information which may be useful so members can use the community as safely as possible.

Be Alert and always 'Report' - Remember we cannot take action if we are not alerted to the situation.


LWLD HU Community Admin Team

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Posted: Sept 2018

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