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Is adding juicing to your day bad for liver disease?


I’ve read conflicting arguments on the topic. I’m trying a liver cirrhosis diet but I don’t always get the amount of veggies I want in a day so I started getting one 16-32 oz juice a day of mostly veggies but maybe some apple or orange mixed in. I’m not using this in the place of eating meals through the day but more as an add on especially since only drinking water and coffee gets boring after a while on top of a no fun diet. I’m just worried about causing anymore harm to my liver and without drs taking me seriously I don’t have access to a nutritionist right now to ask these questions to.

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I would have thought that both Apple and Orange should be fine. However, I would like to just point out something to you.

About 6-years ago when I was diagnosed with endstage liver disease, I, like most people wanted to try and make good the damage I have caused to my liver. I asked my then consultant if there was anything I could be taking that would help my liver recover. (We are rather a nieve at that point). I knew that the liver contained large amounts of iron, and I asked if taking iron supplements would be of any help.

My consultant went on to explain, that sometimes there can be more iron in a damaged liver than in a healthy one, and also the liver can be sort of iron causing a person to become anaemic.

I think it might be an idea to find out what your iron levels are like. If there are large amounts of iron already in your liver, and you go on to eat lost of iron-rich foods, then more damage could be done while at the same time thinking that you are eating healthily.

It’s just a thought. I think you’ll be fine.

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