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Tips procedure


Has anyone had a tips procedure done? Did it help? Where there any complications? I have read what the internet says about the procedure but I would like a real persons opinion. Thank you

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Owing to the risk of increasing Hepatic Encephalopathy and potential risk of stroke my hubby and I said he would never have Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS or TIPSS) unless he was already on the transplant list and it was absolutely necessary.

Hubby never had ascites though for which TIPS is a good treatment option, hubbies portal hypertension led to masses of varices and he underwent banding for those. He's never needed to be on a beta blocker either or his doctor said it wouldn't do any good since he'd already had a massive bleed.

This is a quiet forum and not too many folks post here, you may get more answers with pros and cons over on the British Liver Trust page which is much more active.


Thank you so much for responding! One of my doctors has suggested it and I have been on the fence about going through with the procedure. I think that I will put it off as long as possible now. Thank you again for answering my post.

So it depends on what it is for my mom had massive varices bleeds that could not be controlled from banding.only option was tips . She never had the bleeds again but she had to take lactulose and a pill I can't remember what it was called because it caused her to get encephalopathy so bad that she couldn't even write or count she has since had a liver transplant and doing good now for 7 years. Her health did go down rapidly after tips but it kept her from bleeding to death till she got her liver transplant

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