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Hello everyone

I am new and it was suggested on another board i come over here to to my liver count might need advice on i have had this issue before gps say its not great ithers say its fine etc between this and my kidneys i have always felt sick like my blood wasnt being cleansed. I do not know the first thing about labs but i am trying...

Can anyone offer any clarity these issues run in my fathers side.

Thank you in advance

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Hello, sorry this response is coming so late but I just joined the group. I would suggest drinking lots of purified spring water, organic juices diluted 50/50 with water and buy yourself some milk thistle supplements from the health food store, get on a fresh fruit and vegetable diet with grains and legumes. Stay away from dairy which is hard for the liver and kidneys to digest and stay away from processed foods and fats/oils/salt. Your liver enzymes are elevated a little but I believe with the diet I am suggesting your liver will regenerate itself soon. And with a family history of kidney disease, you want to make this diet change permanent. Oh, and chicken, fish, if you have to have red meat make sure it is very lean and eat small portions and one more thing, no sodas!! God bless!


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