Liver Fibrosis stage F2-F3 (9.7 kpa)


I am a 42 yo male diabetic for last around 6 years and recently diagnosed with fibrosis with 9.7 kpa. I took alcohol for most of my life albeit I thought moderately (around 90 ml hard liquor 4 days a week). I was also under some depression for last many years. My diabetes was more uncontrolled for 6 years but A1c was always below 8. I have now stopped drinking completely. Liver blood tests are all normal. Please suggest?

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  • Once again the fibroscan without proper interpretation from medics rears it's head. So many people come out with these scores and don't get told properly what it reflects. I am hoping you are going to have a follow up appointment with a specialist who will help decipher what it all means.

    But, I would think you are seeing some degree of fatty liver desease, fatty liver can arise due to alcohol usage (even within guideline limits ........... you do not have to be a raging alcoholic to get a damaged liver from alcohol) or there is none alcohol related fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and you have a risk factors for that in that you have had uncontrolled diabetes for a lenghty period plus if you were taking prescription medication for your depression this too would be a toxin that your liver has had to deal with.

    I know that this is the Liver4Life forum you've found but if you were on the British Liver Trust page I would suggest you take a look at their information on Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) at :- It outlines the condition, it's causes and the lifestyle changes which you might be able to make in order to slow down your fibrosis progression and even possibly reverse it to some degree.

    Wishing you the very best of luck, Katie :)

  • I was recently diagnosed with fatty liver also with a score of 9.2 ..I was told my score put me at a stage 3...I have stopped drinking and have read that when in stage 3 u can't reverse it I am reading and googling away and also very stressed. ...I thought I was getting better :(

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