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Liver cysts - a cause for concern?

I am a 69 year old woman who has long term acid reflux problems (due to Bisphosphonate treatment for Osteoporosis) who is being investigated at an upper gastroenterology dept. for intermittent severe pain below my ribs on my right side. They have mentioned that in his letter my gp noted that previous tests done elsewhere had shown that I had 3 liver cysts, although he had not told me. The doctor investigating my acid reflux assured me that this was a very common finding. However I cannot find any mention of it on more general websites e.g: Nhs Direct etc. As I was treated apparently successfully for breast cancer in 2003 I'll admit it is causing me some worry. Also a Liver Enzyme test that was taken earlier this year was not satisfactory: 136/ GGT(?) 48. A month later results were all right: Liver Enzyme 64/GGT 26. I hope that makes sense as it was not explained to me. I drink no alcohol, am on a very restricted diet (including very little fat) & weigh only 42.5 kg. (I have never been overweight).

My query is whether cysts can cause such pain (after a ct scan/endoscopy which revealed only mild inflammation in my stomach) the gastroenterology have suggested pain management. I would be happier to get a diagnosis first. Also are these cysts a common problem & nothing to worry about?

Thank you for your attention.

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It may depend on what exactly the doctors mean by cysts. Here is a link to the British Liver Trust page on cysts

I believe in most cases they are benign and harmless, unless they grow large or press on nerves or other organs or are in a place where they might compromise a bile duct or blood flow.

I would guess that the liver findings are not related to the bisphosphanates - are you and your docs investigating alternatives to these as it sounds like they are a concern re causing damage to your oesophagus though it seems not as yet your stomach lining.

I cant interpret your blood test results as im not sure what you mean by 'Liver Enzyme' and not sure which are the GGT figures. My lab has the normal range for GGT as 10 - 53 iu/L so a GGT of 26 is well in normal range.

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Thanks a lot Bolly. I have a better understanding now. I'll likely go back to my GP & try to get some advice from him about all this before I go back to the hospital. (I am no longer on oral Bisphosphonates and receiving them by injection instead).


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