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Gp's and Lipoedema

Hi everyone. I am almost sure I have Lipoedema just waiting to to get referred. I am 69yrs next week and have had to live with this condition most of my life. I also have haemochromatosis this is a genetic iron overload and I understand that Lipoedema is also genetic. I asked my doctor if he could look into it. That was 3 weeks ago. I have phoned the surgery to see what is being done again I have not heard anything. Why is everything such a fight to get something done. Some doctors have know about this condition since the 1940's. Yet we are always the last to know. It seems to me that because of the dreaded word MONEY they put us to the bottom of the pile. Sorry for the rant I am just so fed up of trying because I get no where.

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Aren't they referring you to the lipoedema specialist at your Local lymphodema clinic? That's what they did for me a few weeks ago and I've been diagnosed and given 2 pairs of free compression stockings. Im 55.

Mind you, I've been going to the doctors for 10 years about the same thing and this was the first time they referred me. It was only because I went to the GP with my own diagnosis though. I don't think she'd heard of if but pretended she did.


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I did I researched and told him everything I new but still I can't get any further. So today I am seeing my haemochromatosis consultant and I am going to ask him and explain that I need to be sent. Wish me luck


Good luck I also have had lipoedeama for over 40 years but was only diagnosed just over 3 years ago. My GP apologised that they didn't know much about it xx


I too am having the same problem, Like you I did my research & armed with that information & print outs to give my G.P. We talked it over & she said she would look into it & have a word with the CCG & after many phone calls & appointments all I get is that she is looking into it. :-(


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