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I would like to have my lipedoma lipo done with Anne Dancy I needed to have 3 ops but it’s so expensive she is quoting me over 10k per op any one out there who is cheaper and just as good

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Hi Maudirv,

I have looked into lipo too and found Mr Karii who is cheaper and also a Dr Rapprich in Germany who is even cheaper both seem to have bags of experience.

I will be starting my journey very soon after being told that there is definitely no help on the NHS which is diabolical .

I wish you all the best


Davida1998 in reply to Sbluebam

Hi could you please send me details of these doctors if you can xx

Yvonne0865 in reply to Sbluebam

Can u send me details about these doctors please thanks yvonne

Hi, have a look at The Karri Clinic in Hull, Mr Karri is lovely and very understanding and easy to talk to. I’m having my first surgery this year and the cost is about £6500.00 x

dwsmith in reply to SoSad45

Hi SoSad45 have you now had your surgery with Mr Karri, Im am hoping to see him at the end of November? Would you recommend him?

SoSad45 in reply to dwsmith

Hi...I have now had two surgeries with Mr Karri, I would recommend him, it’s true that he doesn’t take as much Anne Dancey but he takes what he thinks is safe. I have had no problems at all and have healed well, I still get funny sensations but understand that is all part of the healing. I had both my surgeries under GA and stayed in hospital for one night. He is very easy to talk to and very understanding, the nurses as the hospital were lovely and I have no complaints. Good luck with your journey and hope your consultation goes well with him.

The difference I have been told is, Anne Dancey is quite aggressive going after the fat. She will take far more in one session than others. Mr Karri likes to restrict it to around 5 litres per session. I have heard good reports from the clinic in Germany.


I liked Anne Dancy very much when she spoke at Lipoedema UK conference in 2015.

Her patients spoke highly of her.

It's really tough finding the best way forward, I am in the same situation as you, but under the care of the team at St George's. They have submitted 3 bids for my procedure but all have been turned down but you know that already.

I think it's tricky comparing surgeons as they each have their own way of working and you need a consultation with everyone to get a bigger picture.

My case was going to be too complex for a clinic in Germany or rather I will need many operations which would make it too complicated for me.

Where do you live out of interest ?


Hanply in reply to Hidden

I have had surgery on my arms and legs now with two different doctors.

I had my legs done with Anne Dancey 2 years ago and I would recommend people to avoid her. My legs are extremely lumpy whilst my arms are amazing (I had 2 surgeries on my arms)

I have been told by other 3 doctors she was too aggressive and has removed too much fat in some places on not enough in others.

The poor result make it so no other surgeon will touch the area to try and help so I am left more self conscious than I was before the operation.

Giwise in reply to Hanply

I have had 4 surgeries with Anne Dancey on my legs from feet to waist and I cannot say how wonderful they are now - the best money I have ever spent and I now feel at least I am getting to feel more normal! I have less pain, although I still get funny sensations as I am still healing. It is not necessarily the amount or where she takes the 'fat/liquid' but what your aftercare is. My husband massages my legs twice a day to eliminate any lumps and bumps that may need moving and also keeps the lymph flowing. I can now wear boots off the shelf ....I have NEVER been able to buy boots before!!! Anne Dancey has, for me, been the best surgeon and she understands Lipedema and has an extremely good team around her and especially Julie Cuneen who is the Compression Queen!

Maudirv in reply to Giwise

Has anyone had surgery with dr Gupta at Harley Street

Hanply in reply to Maudirv

I had a consultation with dr Gupta and he was great, he was one of the surgeons I went to to get advice on the poor result of my legs, he couldn’t help me correct the issue but he was caring and talked me through how he would do the operation and what my issues were.

annelie220 in reply to Maudirv

Avoid Dr Gupta. He does not understand lipodema at all despite professing to and also does not offer the right type of lipo. Suggest Hanse Klinic in Germany. I need to play out the St George's option first

Hanply in reply to Giwise

Unfortunately in my case it’s not an aftercare issue but is because of fat removal.

I also massaged my legs and my husband did, I had countless lymphatic drainage appointments and wore the compression religiously.

I literally have areas where there is no fat at all next to areas with fat which is causing the lumps.

As I said I have had three professionals explain the issue.

The aftercare I received also wasn’t great, two weeks after the operation I started to get ill and have a rash on my legs. I emailed Anne who said I was allergic to the dressings but didn’t ask to see me, luckily I got a second opinion at my GP and I actually had an infection when I told Anne she wasn’t interested.

I know this also happened to another lady in her care who unfortunately ended up in hospital as she was seeing the same MLD nurse as myself.

If all goes well with you procedure she has fantastic reviews but if anything happens she isn’t interested.

Davida1998 in reply to Hanply

Hi could you please send me the name of doctor who did your arms x

Hanply in reply to Davida1998

Dennis Wolf at the private clinic. He was great, I was so nervous after the issues with my legs he even called me the night before on his mobile to make sure I wasn’t freaking out too much.

Davida1998 in reply to Hanply

Sorry forgot to ask where his clinic is x

Davida1998 in reply to Hanply

Can I also ask how much he charged for doing your arms x

I’m sorry but I don’t have that kind of money to spare. I intend to fight the NHS on this all the way I will be taking it to the to my Health Board and also the minister of health. I can’t afford the private care and this is an illness so will be fighting all the way. Drug addicts get thier free needles etc and it is also known people have had breast enlargement on the NHS. I am soooo angry that the op for this terrible disease is not available on the NHS 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

There have only ever been about 4 cases funded by the NHS I believe. It is 99.9% likely that no amount of being angry and shouting will make any difference 😔

lets connect . I feel exactly the same lets write to mps , lets start a petition , message me

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