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Campaigns corner: To improve support and understanding of safety needs of blood cancer patients as lockdown lifts

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To improve the experience of employed leukaemia patients as the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions lift.

"We have launched the #LifeVsLivelihood campaign to highlight the ongoing challenges that clinically extremely vulnerable leukaemia patients face as restrictions ease and employers ask people to return to work. Many patients have questions about what these changes mean for them and how they can continue to stay safe. Recent studies have suggested that some leukaemia patients may be less protected by the COVID-19 vaccine. As a result, many leukaemia patients feel they have no choice but to continue to shield as restrictions lift. Due to the increased risk of COVID-19 and possible reduced vaccine efficacy, some leukaemia patients require extra protection and consideration while lockdown eases.

However, the current government guidance for the clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV), including leukaemia patients, on returning to work and reasonable adjustments is unclear and insufficient, as is the advice for employers of these patients."

Leukaemia patients shouldn't have to choose between life and livelihood.

The campaign materials and what you can do

Information to support discussions with employer and downloadable reasonable adjustment request forms.

Contact your MP and downloadable letter templates to help you with this.

Campaign information here :

Download campaign graphics here:

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Leukaemia Care is working together with charities supporting the immune compromised and are calling on the Government to do more to support around half a million people who are immunocompromised or immunosuppressed, and so may be less protected by the Covid-19 vaccine.

The coalition are calling for:

Improved Government/NHS communications to patients, the wider public and employers about the potentially higher and continued risk COVID-19 poses to immunocompromised groups. This should include a clear roadmap for people who may not be well protected by the vaccine and who continue to be at risk from COVID-19.

Continued employment protection and access to workplace adjustments for immunocompromised people, including the duty to consider working from home wherever possible or flexibility in start and finish times so as to avoid peak-time travel, so no one is forced to choose between protecting their health and protecting their livelihood.

A commitment that research into Covid-19 booster vaccines, and the development of the planned booster programme more broadly, will specifically consider how best to deliver the maximum level of protection possible to immunocompromised or immunosuppressed people and that these groups are prioritised.

Investment in and access to alternative treatments which may prove more effective for immunocompromised groups.Read more >

Campaign collaboration
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Hi I like the idea of campaign corner, thanks Leukaemia Care