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Love2sing nausea

Thank you for all your positive replies.My nausea began before my diagnosis?... and it is rather physical and although I would like to think it is anxiety feels very real? The nausea medication prescribed working a treat but but once wears off unfortunately comes surging back? So have made an appointment to see GP again? Feeling scared but positive about my CLL diagnosis. However can’t wait to get to the bottom of cause of nausea so I hopefully can fix this and move forward.

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Hi Love2sing, when I go to any medical appointments I have found it is really helpful to write down all my questions, plus fears and thoughts and I also need to write down the replies. I seem to walk into appointments and my mind goes blank. If anyone says how are you I immediately reply 'fine'???????? Please do let us know how you get on at the GP and take care.


Thank you for your advice and support 👍


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