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Hi I’m new on this site but have been a member on thyroid unlocked for over a year

I have been diagnosed with hashimotos for 18 months but in reality probably had it a lot longer

I also have pcos too

I am in Leicestershire in the UK

Currently my gp has me on alternate 125/150 of levothyroxine and 1000 slow release of metformin

I also take 3x10 propranolol for anxiety and heart palpitations which I feel are more down to my thyroid than anxiety...the propranolol is being increased in 2 weekly increases upto 90mg

I do have an appointment to see a recommended endocrinologist in June on the nhs who I will be asking for additional testes on adrenals etc also

I have recently been to see a private gp in London as I haven’t felt right on the current meds even though my bloods are normal and I’ve had lots of tests done :/

She has reduced my Levo to 100 and started me on t3 at 20mg split into 2 x 10 per day which I am happy to try :)

She has also prescribed sublingual ldn

0.5 as starting dose for a week x 1 drop upto 9 drops at a dose of 4.5

I would really appreciate it if anyone can share and positives and negatives of this especially with pcos and thyroid issues?


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I don't deal with either issue, but have been and admin on two sites for LDN for a couple of years. Thyroid issues are particularly tricky from what I've seen. LDN will help, it takes patience and time. Usually it also involves adjusting any thyroid meds you may be taking.

I'm not a medical professional, so am going to suggest you listen to interviews from both patients and doctors on the Trust's website. Here's a link to the homepage, type Thyroid in the searchbar. Once you've researched the Thyroid, go back and research PCOS.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you for the information I will take a look x

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