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hashi's + LDN

Hi, quick question - how often do you need your thyroid tested once you start LDN? The side effect of LDN should mean the antibodies reduce therefore needing less thyroid medication to balance the hormones out but I'm not entirely sure how often you should regulate this? I've been taking LDN for over 3 months now and just started to feel a bit poorly on my regular dose so I'm getting tested tomorrow but wouldn't mind knowing how often I should be doing this... Thanks :)

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It's entirely up to you. Some patients don't see a change in antibodies for up to a year, but they do need to change up the thyroid meds before then. I've seen members one another forum need to change thyroid meds as soon as a couple of weeks with LDN. Most of the time they are going by symptoms.

Hope this helps.


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Yes very helpful thanks. I've been doing it by symptoms too but second guessing myself so got a tad worried but symptoms have passed now that I've more than halved my t3 so I must've been very over medicated 😬 getting a test done next week to check things anyway. Thanks

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