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New Admin Introduction

Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a new admin for this page. I was dx'd with Fibromyalgia 20+ years, TMJ 40 years and arthritis last year, just before starting LDN. 4 years ago I had an accident and compound fractured my hip/femur which led to 3 surgeries and a total hip replacement. There are lingering issues with that as well.

It was my Rheumatologist who suggested LDN, it took me almost a year to agree - my experience with meds in the past had not been good. Due to the surgeries, etc I had become opiate intolerant, taking away the only barrier to LDN.

There were some issues in the beginning, mainly anxiety related. As I increased the dose, the anxiety lessened, until 3 mg when it disappeared. IBS symptoms increased for a couple of months, now I'm closer to normal than I can ever remember. Per my doctor, I went up to 4.5 mg as he considers that the optimal dose. 5 months of increasing depression at that dose convinced me to take it back down to 3 mg, which is my sweet spot. This journey has taken 13 months and I'm delighted with the results.

My overall positive experience has led me to become an advocate, like the Trust I want everyone who could benefit from LDN to learn about it. I'm excited to be your new admin and look forward to meaningful conversations.


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