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LCHF diet

I see many diabetics desperately seeking LCHF menu for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner to follow easily which also serves as ready recknor. But the seniors in the forum simply advising them to follow the links or search the forum.

Instead of advising to search the forum or to search the links, it will be a great service to diabetics if some senior LCHF follower gives the LCHF items/menu/diet in a chart form, many more people will join the LCHF club.

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Dear Anup,

i am trying understand some concept here. i did screenshot picture to ask my query, can you suggest how to upload here in reply?

Regards. :)


We can't win with this one. If we give examples, people don't like them or we are being too prescriptive. Ultimately, what you eat has to be what you want to eat, providing the nutrients you need, and not too high in foods that spike insulin. phcuk.org/wp-content/upload...


I couldn't agree more. I've bought a few LCHF recipe books and I just don't like a lot of the recipes in them - I don't like avocados for a start.

I 've found the best way for me is to know which foods are high carb and which are low then make up my own menus. I also bought my own blood sugar meter and test before and two hours after eating - I have recorded everything I have eaten since I started LCHF in December last year - by doing that I know and have eliminated all the foods that spiked my blood sugar.

I know it's giving you another link but the diabetes.co.uk website has a lot of really useful information about LCHF - they have a 10 week low carb video program that you can follow and a lot of really good picture information pages where you get photographs of food and drinks that are listed by carb content that are very useful. They have loads of information and access to free online downloadable recipe books - loads of information about meal planning and what you can eat etc.

I've moved onto omelettes for breakfast because they are quick and easy to make before I go to work. Sometimes I have bacon and egg but not often. I tend to have either veg soup for lunch or a handful of unsalted nuts and seeds and an apple then my evening meal is meat or fish and loads of veg - very few potatoes though. LCHF has really worked for me, I'm no longer considered to be T2.

There is no way I would go back to my old carb laden lifestyle - just unfortunate that in the uk 'carbs with every meal' is what is currently recommended to people with diabetes. If I had followed that advice and hadn't discovered LCHF I'm convinced I would still have had T2.

I also am a senior but it there is so much information about low carb online it isn't difficult to find what you want out there.