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How we work: community support


Hi all,

As a follow up to our last post, here’s some insight into the support available to you in community matters and in your interactions with other members of HealthUnlocked. Each community will have their own guidelines and own atmosphere, so it’s important to refer to these when you join a community or when you want to refresh your memory.

Your community admins, moderators or ambassadors should be your first port-of-call for community concerns, as they are most familiar with the community environment and so will be best placed to support and advise you.

Community/ individual safety:

If you’re worried about strange behaviours, a negative community atmosphere or either the safety of yourself or another HealthUnlocked member, please report the content by following the steps in this article:

The admins of your community, or the Support Team at HealthUnlocked, look through each and every report and act on them to safeguard the community. This should be your first action if you’re concerned by anything and want to flag it up. Often, we receive emails about things that have already been reported. Reports are acted on first, so it might save you some time to do this before you decide to email.

Private messages (PM):

You can now also report or mute other members who private message you. To maintain your privacy, reports of PMs are only sent to HealthUnlocked staff, and not to your community admins.

Muting PMs prevents the muted person from messaging you. You can read more information about muting others in PMs here:

Support for you:

Sometimes you need a little more support than other members of your community can provide. For these instances, we’ve compiled a list of mental health support resources and organisations that you are encouraged to check out:

If you think we’ve missed any that would be useful, please get in touch with us through our Help Centre so we can review what we currently have available for you.

As always, if there’s anything you want clarified or you have any feedback, please get in touch via our Help Centre:

Thank you all for your support!

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This is really useful to have and I have only just realised that they appear on Pinned posts. Maybe this needs to be made clearer?

in reply to Hidden

Hi MC1189,

We've only just added this to pinned posts! If you have any suggestions for where we could add this to make it clearer, please do let us know so we can think about how to signpost you to helpful resources more effectively. We're glad you found this useful.

in reply to Vesa

Maybe under the profile section where we have News Feed and Followed Posts, it can say Community Support or Mental Health support resources as a separate tab.

Hi Maddie what your doing is great I'm sure it will help everyone. How are you doing looks like you've been busy. Tell everyone there doing a good job and I thank you all for what your doing to make this a great place to be.The lung cancer support is like a big family. Thank you for letting me get to you. Love susiejo1948

Back in 2016 right before Travis quit. I had been named super hero i right after that I got deathly I'll almost died I was in hospital 11days when I was feeling good enough and at after 3-4 months I was back. But they took my Super Hero off. They gave two others the name but they are hardly heard from. Do you think I could have it back it really made me feel good to know I was helping enough to be considered a Superhero. Thanks have a good day.

I hope you are keeping well now and are feeling much better after your stay in hospital

You are already a superhero for getting better 😊


Hi Maddie you are doing a good job and there keeping you really busy. I put my cats pictures on didn't know how to Send to you.So went on community told you. So I didn't know if you seen them. My daughter is going to see if she can send them to you. Have a good day. Love susiejo

in reply to SusieJo1948

Hi SusieJo1948 ,

I didn't see them but I will have a look now! Thanks for letting me know!

You put up a new picture of your self. I like the way you fixed your hair

You look very pretty

Love susiejo1948

in reply to SusieJo1948

Thank you Susiejo! You are too kind.

I like your profile picture too - the ears are so cute :)

Thanks Maddie have good day. Love susiejo1948

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