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keeping positive...

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Singing "my favorite things" really does help things not feel so bad... I've been singing this with my kids. It helps us keep positive as we go into the unknown of school during a pandemic...

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Keeping positive takes consistency with actions. I start my day with reflecting with a positive affirmation. I meditate when I am struggling with focus. If my mind really feels blurry I go for a walk. It helps me to get clear and back on task. When you focus on the positive in whatever form works for you, you get more of it.

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I love it! What is your positive affirmation? (if you want to share ;))

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My affirmation for today is I am unique. No one else can play my part. The question with it: How do I show my different perspective? My perspective is tied up with my purpose. My purpose is to be productive with a positive aspect. This shows in many forms, how I research, what I share and the ways the I connect.

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