Fatigue and ITP

Fatigue and ITP

Fatigue in ITP officially recognised. 585 ITP Support Association members took part in an ITP Fatigue Survey and as a result of the findings haematologists and health professionals can now read in the European Journal of Haematology that fatigue in ITP is not all in the mind but is a real symptom for ITP sufferers. The article entitled Fatigue in Patients with Primary Immune Thrombocytopenia was published in May 2011 Volume 86, Issue 5, Pages 420-429. The following link takes you to the article...http://?onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/?10.1111/?j.1600-0609.2011.01587.x/?abstract

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  • So glad this has been acnowledged now, i suffered terrible fatige as do everyone ive spoken to with itp. We kept getting told it was rubbish.

  • Absolutely Juliah. I got the standard response from all the specialists that I talked to about my fatigue and ITP. They all said that it had no link at all and that my fatigue was all in the mind. Now we have a specific piece of research which supports the evidence all ITP sufferers were giving. It is so useful for us to spread news of this research and the subsequent European Journal of Haematology report to the specialists/doctors we deal with.Hopefully it will lead them to acknowledge fatigue and look out for it in any cases they deal with now and in the future .

  • I too thank you for bringing this to my attention. Finally to be acknowledge that fatigue is part and parcel of my symptoms and not in my head!

  • About time someone listened to the people that know the most about ITP.........the sufferers and their families.  I would also like pins and needles to be recognised as a symptom too, when my sons platelets drop he always bad pins and needles but has recently had a bad few months had a really bad time with zero platelet counts etc but his boss in work who had never heard of ITP till 6 months ago now seems to be an expert and insists that there is no link between ITP and pins and needles, anything to put him under more stress 😲

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