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Does anyone have any personal experience of itp and pregnancy?

We have been desperate for a second baby since before itp diagnosis eleven months ago. Doctors have given us the go ahead for Feb when i will be 12 months post rituximab. Although i have a rough treatment plan for pregnancy i am still quite anxious about it. Would really appreciate being able to talk to someone who has been through this.

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Hello there, How are you? I was diagnosed with itp in 2008, I became pregnant and although my pregnancy was very high risk, both consultants were fantastic and held my hand all the way. I was monitored closely and had countless scans. I was told that there could be complications, she might not make it, my blood could attack hers, but after suffering an earliier miscarriage, there was no way we were not trying everything to keep our baby,. Our daughter is now 3 and a half and although she was delivered 4 weeks early, she hasd no ill effect from the itp and was fit and healthy. I was terrified every step of the way but nothing was going to stop us from having her, she's our little miracle. Hope this helps you a little, my advice is to talk at length to all consultants involved in yours and babys care, you have to put your trust in them. Take care


Thank you for your reply. What were your counts like whilst you were pregnant. I think i will having weekly ivig but when i had it before my count only went to 25 so probably won't be much higher. I think delivery will be stressful but i guess they will probably just have to give me platelets.


your welcome. My counts were relatively low but they would just give me a blast of steroids, I was always monitored closely, lots of scans, I ha d. Some bleeding but nothing that was harming my daughter. I won't say it was easy, I worried everyday( I'd already had a miscarriage with my platelets at 22( although proffesionals assure me, low platelets had nothing to do with it. I wasn't allowed to have a c section(because of risk of bleeding), it was a high risk delivery abd I had my own midwife who never left my side,consultants were both on standby. I had to have her four weeks early, but she was fine. Good luck and take care.


I am 38. I have Chronic ITP with counts that run 30k-50K. Im a bruiser but not a bad bleeder, if that makes any sense... I was diagnossed 10 years ago. I suffer from chronic migraines as well. I have also had my spleen removed, which didn't help my ITP. I had our first child last November. I had 11 IVIG infusions. I had 10 infusions during my 38th and 39th week of pregnancy. I had my 11th during labor. I had an epidural with a count of 99K. after 18 hours of labour our daughter was born via c-section 11-16-12, Healthy with normal counts :) We want to have a second and we probably will in the next year or so. I had an ITP pregnancy specialist, my normal hemotalogist, and my OB work as a team along with myself. We all communicated with on another. I had the final say or call on anything that happened. I took it upon myself and made it my responsiblity to read and research all information and documentation that my doctors presented me or I found on my own in order to learn that IVIG would be the best treatment option for my unborn child and me to pursue during my pregancy. I listened to what my doctors suggested and together we came up with a plan in which we all felt comfortable and safe. It worked out very well. It was a very positive experience. I wish you a very positive experience as well. If you have any question in particular. Feel free to ask. I will be more than happy to share. Several ladies like my self have formed a pregnancy group on facebook for just ITP woman and their preganacy experience. For as we have all come understand, This ITP experience is Different for each one of us. Let me know if you are interested in joining. I would be more than happy to connect you to the group.



ITP-In Pregnancy is the group. It is a clsoed and private group so you'll have to ask to join, if you would like. Take care and I wish you all the luck is your pregnancy expreience. Just remeber. Women with ITP have healthy and safe pregancies every day :)



My wife is suffering from ITP, we not know whether she is having this disease before conceiving,

She delivered a baby boy 3 years ago with normal delivery without having any platelet destruction. She is completely normal for her first delivery.

Now She is conceived for the second time, after passing of 11th Week nose bleeding started. We checked with Doctors and they checked and said that she is having a low

platelet count of 7,000. So Platelet transfusion was given to stop bleeding risk. After two days she again facing brusing on skin and bleeding again started, we rushed

to the hospital and found that her platelet dropped to 1000. Again admitted and IVIG given along with other cortisteroid, After a hurdle of past one and half month, now she is having a platelet count of 60,000. Doctors given EDD date on 1st week of sept. Kindly pray for us to have a healthy baby



The ITP Support Association do have a booklet available called ITP and Pregnancy which may be ordered from ITP Support Association HQ via the following link...

Also at the ITP Support Association annual convention on April 20th next year we have one of our guest speakers Dr Will Lester from Birmingham University Hospital doing a presentation on ITP in pregnancy and the newborn baby. The Convention will be held at the Chateau Impney Hotel, Droitwich. For full details or to order tickets for the annual convention you can do so by email at and provide your full name, ful address, email and phone contact details. Tickets cost £15 for ITP Support Association members and their partners and £20 for non members.


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