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Children and sport

Hello, my 5 year old daughter was diagnosed two years ago although she has obviously had ITP for a lot longer than that as she has bruised really badly since before her first birthday.. Her count has always been between 11 and 26, normally arround 16. Although she now only has counts done twice a year so inbetween times I have to guess! She is cobered in bruises and petechiae all the time, never less than 50 bruises, normally over 100 and for the last few months about 170. She sometimes bleeds loads if she cuts herself( upto a cpuple of hours) and has had a couple of nose bleeds. She had a platelet transfussion once after a nasty head bang and recently she has been given tranexamic acid for any nose or mouth bleeding. She hasn't used any yet but has a wobbly tooth so may need to take some when she looses that.

My question is what restrictions do you place on children with ITP? I've seen a lidt which says counts under 20 nearly nothing is safe. I've heard people say they shouldn't be on swings and climbing frames also. We let our daughter do most things although we say that trampolines and bouncy castle she can only do on her own and she must wear a helmet for bikes and scooters. At school they have a very high clumbing frame and I know she goes on that unsupervised which worrie me as the monkey bars are so high that four children have broken arms on it in 18 months. What precautions do you put in place? Should I be more careful?

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It is very difficult grasshopper to get the balance right between being protective and at the same time letting children be children. Good advice is available via the main ITP Support association website which has a very good section on ITP in children....


hi grasshopper , we found ourselves inthe same position as yourself, our little boy was diagnosed when he was 3 with ITP and now truning 6 it remains, his counts stay in and around the 3 mark!!!! after various treatments, nothing has been successful. we were advised that he should stay in doors at school at break times, but we found this very disturbing as this was putting a lable on him and making him different to all the other kids, thankfully we have a very good primary with great teaching staff who agreeded with us when we discussed the topic. we thankfully have been granted a full time classroom assistant for him who is there first and foremost for his safety, she shadows his every move, which is a great comfort to us when he is in school. He also got special helmets made specifically for him which he carries to school everyday and wears when outside or taking part in activities. He dosent take part in any contact sports but generally takes part in everything else with full supervision. we dont have swings , trampolines or any other garden equipment in our own garden simply because of his condition, but when he is at parties or at friends or family house we do let him play on these things wearing his helment and we supervise all the activities, if it gets a bit hectic we take him off side for a bit. i hope this helps, better safe than sorry, but normality is very improtant i believe for his for development. what if you talked to the school and asked for supervision?


Hi, our 5 yr old daughter has also had ITP for nearly two yrs and we have always treated her very similarly to you. We avoid contact play eqiupment (bouncy castles etc) but generally let her join in as much as possible within reason. As risky as some may think the activities are, we are very aware that she is an active, developing 5 yr old as we do not want her to feel scared and be excluded. We are having particular trouble regarding blood tests as she gets very anxious now after having so many, and the last few have been very traumatic for us all. Her count was under 10 all of last yr and then steadily rose without treatment for the few months of this yr to 118, then dropped to 7 in June and was 17 in Sept. We have another blood test in Nov. We have spoken to the school, but I dont feel they really understand the condition as fully as perhaps they should. The last comment about having a teaching assistant shadow sounds fantastic but im not sure its a possibility at our school. I will enquire though. Millie does P.E with all the other children and goes out to play the same. Until, we see reason not too it will probably continue as on a daily basis she seems fine and we feel it may be nearly as damaging making her different and excluding her. I wish it would just go as suddenly as it came and we can get our nerves back under control! Good Luck! Michelle


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