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Toddler - acute? Chronic? Slow progress

My 13 month old was dx with itp with platelets at just 1k about 6 weeks ago. Ivig x2 was not successful and we have been on a steroid for about 5 weeks now. Took awhile but saw a jump from 1k to 15k then slow until we made it to 30k. Saw a very small drop when weaning back on his steroid and then a big jump up to 60k. Weaned again and now he is bruising and showing symptoms, something he didn’t do when his numbers were above 15k. Worried we backslid from 60k to under 10 in a couple days’ time. I know it’s possible but frustrating since he is still taking the steroid and I thought he had rounded the corner. I was lead to believe his case is likely acute but feeling like we are not making any progress without serious med dose. Getting labs in the morning to see where were at and already feeling upset. Have other parents seen an acute case take a long time to resolve with lots of backsliding?

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My thoughts and care are with you. Dear little tyke.


It’s been a month since your last post, how’s child doing? It may take a while but children generally respond better than adults. Check out post of jamesheather1 from Australia. He was diagnosed at age 17,received treatment, achieved remission for 10 years during which time he married, had two beautiful, healthy children and enjoyed a relatively healthy active life. Unfortunately he recently relapsed and started treatment for the second time and I have no doubt that he will have an other long remission. As you know there is no cure at this time but research is ongoing and I’m optimistic. For now let’s concentrate on stabilizing the platelets and quality of life. Be well:)


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