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does dengue trigger thrombocytopenia?

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Yes, the research says it does. Also I know of someones relative that got Dengue and it caused ITP for him. Parasites, viruses and bacterias of many kinds can also cause ITP. I am cautiously optimistic that working with a homeopathic doctor and getting rid of parasites, viruses and bacteria (not sure which) has freed me of ITP. I got diagnosed with ITP 2 weeks after a trip to Costa Rica. Keep looking for underlying causes the Western doctors just want to keep throwing bandaid medicine at us. Good Luck!


Yes I think so . I developed mine after a trip to Egypt. X


Also, I know the virus was H, polari. I accurately found out the name of the virus before the consultant. But , alas they didn't listen to me . And that then ended up with the virus going into my immune system, which then makes it that it will never change. I am now stuck with it ,!!!!!!


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