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I had my blood tested and went from 34000 to 73000 with no meds. and I hope it lasts. I eat better and am now off of pregabablin and hopefully will be able to get off of crestor with more exercise and keeping with my new way of eating. I do not know if it was because of my cold or pregabalin that they were so low, but what ever it is, I am glad my platelets have gone up. They are almost the same as they were last year at this time. I know I can go up and down at least that is what I gather from this site My Chemistry tests are all showing normal. All CBC good except for Platelet count. So hopefully this will last at least for a little while. I will go get my test done every week for the Month of April and then return to once a month if my Dr. thinks that is the way to go.

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Good for you keep up the great job, this disease is so crazy you never know what works!!

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