I have had low platelets at 100 for a year and half ; I am challenged by fatigue but both my doctor and hematologist do not find that this platelet level would produce fatigue -I feel that it does

What are your thoughts!?

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  • I wouldn't say 100 was that low a count. I taught full time with a count of 60-80.

    However, there is an article in the European Journal of Haematology which shows a link between ITP and fatigue.

    May I also suggest getting g your Vit D levels checked. It took 3 months of high dose Vit D for me to kick fatigue last year after shingles followed by a virus and Vit D being very low.

  • I have had a platelet count of approx 70 to 80 for the last 2 years and a count in the 10 to 20 range for 6 months previous to that. I have never had fatigue. You can't assume fatigue with a particular platelet count. Some people with ITP report fatigue and some don't, it may be a symptom of the ITP or there may be another reason for it. It's a bit on an unknown area.

  • Thanks yes I was on vitamin d for awhile and my d is now a good level

    Also I have been through a lot of stress with some life events probably part of it

  • Yes it seems to be unknown

  • Hi. I lived for many years with a platelet count around 70 and although, suprisingly, I suffered from bleeding gums, significant bruising and nosebleeds I wasn't aware of serious fatigue. I then had a period when the rose to about 130 and all was fine. In the last year my platelets have dropped dramatically but my symptoms seem less severe than when they were around 70. However the thing I have noticed is that when they go below about 15 I do experience serious fatigue and it is one of the ways I know that I need some treatment. It's definitely true that the level of symptoms at a particular count is very unpredictable.

  • Hello!! Can I ask you something? It's about the period thing..

  • Thanks -appreciate your feedback

  • Hi , I believe fatigue is a system of itp . But I think its connected to depression as well . I had both, and then went on a tablet called Deloxitine and both went . Ha e a think about that one . Look at depression in itp . All the best

  • I was told by the Occupational Health that platelets store serotonin, hence lower mood when platelets are down.

  • Right ! Thanks

  • Most of the time my counts will be below 20 and I never had fatigue unless I am very inactive. So it'a a body nature I feel. And exercising regularly is of great benefit!!

  • I use fatigue as a sign that my platelets may be low but I am aware that doctors don't always recognise it. However at 100 I wouldn't be feeling fatigue I seem to go very low - below 70 triggers for me. Not sure this offers any help. Just wanted to offer support that fatigue is a fact not in our heads 👍🏻😀

  • I have awful fatigue nitvfelt like this before I got ITP

  • Sorry not felt : )))))

  • I think everybody is different. My daughters levels have been anywhere from 5-500! At any level she suffers extreme fatigue. Her haematologist has said that's one of the problems that adults with itp have so it's very common and in between blood tests your platelet count could change even slightly. I was told that they could take three blood tests a day and each would have a different platelet count (not that they would actually do three blood tests in a day!) but it shows how much your body is working trying to produce platelets. Hope this helps

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Good observation I didn't think of that : )))))

  • I agree with you I have felt exhausted since I had my shingles in October 2016 then diagnosed with ITP so double whammy I am with you on this one :)))

  • I feel fragile when my platelets drop below 90 and I know before a blood test that they are low.. My doctor thinks it's because I'm fighting off a virus that I get fragile..

  • You are right. I was told the same. You know your body. Believe this is new to doctor's. Knowing my signs helped me know when to focus on doing more. So i chose the homeopathic approach as well. Now i am doing great. When i would get to 100 not only fatigue. Sometimes weakness in my legs. Prednisone wasn't for me. To many side effects. Wishing you well. And you are not alone.

  • Hi there have had ITP for 30 years now,and platelets remain low about 7. I have fatigue and bruises a lot. Could you inform me as to how to find out about homeopathic advice. I do take iron and vit b ,but would like to see what else I could take, to improve my energy and platelet levels. Regards Jan

  • For me it is 100 and below. My energy level was very high before itp. Know your body. Again i don't believe there a marker for when one may experience symptoms. Show me a doctor with itp. Then we will have someone who can truly treat us. Stay positive

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