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MMF/Cellcept Swollen Lymph Nodes?

Hi all

I have been on mmf for over a year now and I believe that I have had swollen nodes for just as long. I also found a mini moveable one above my collarbone. I have an occipital one and one behind my ear too.

I have no night sweats, no fever, no weight loss, no deep itching and I feel fine but my health anxiety is driving me mad. It's stopping me from carrying on with my life! I'm scared stiff as to whether it might be lymphoma. They are painless too but they are all quite small and you can't tell they're there unless you dig around or try to find them.

I have ITP and that's the reason I'm on MMF. I've actually stopped taking it because of the anxiety. If it's worth anything, I also have an itchy scalp and dandruff.

Has anyone else had this? Can painless moveable nodes be benign? Google is driving me insane! I am 20 years old by the way and also have Crohn's.

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Sorry you feel so anxious! MMF is immuno-suppressing a lot, maybe this is its side effect? Also, if you had those glands for a long time, without any other symptoms, maybe it could give you some reassurance you are ok and make it easier to visit your doctor to consult about this?

I didn't have enlarged glands on MMF but had quite a few after prednisolone, which is also suppressing immune system. I had them for years at the same places and sometimes new ones would pop up here and there if I had infection or cold.


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