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IVF Acceptance really a Good Choice

Infertility and Men- but obvious it causes too for not getting pregnant. In my earlier days, I found my Husband for ejaculate fast while intercourse. when we consult gynaecologist regarding this. They ask for his certain tests and they found his sperm count less with lesser EGG counting.

We both depressed and finding solution for this. one day I found that IVF is a good way to bring back our happiness. My DH Refused to went for it as of Man Ego came.

Eventually, somehow I convenience him and we started process cycle.

Thankx to technology. Today I am able to carry a fertile baby.

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Congrats dear ........... yes IVF is successful treatment . It is a process in which joining eggs and sperm outside the body in a research center. Once an incipient organism or developing lives frame, they are then set in the uterus. The strategy should be possible utilizing your own particular eggs and your accomplice's sperm. Or, on the other hand IVF may include eggs, sperm or developing lives from a known or mysterious contributor.

It is like a God gift for those couples who are facing infertility issues and unable to get any solution . And thanks trupti for discussing this issue as it may help others .


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