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Hi everyone,

I wondered if anyone has had private IVF in Greece and is able to help with some questions I have.

I have read lots but am so confused and feeling so overwhelmed.

Ideally I'd like to spend as little time as possible abroad, but when reading that you then have to be monitored somewhere in the U.K On your return I'm confused.. surely you then have to pay for all monitoring etc? Doesn't this then make it just as costly as going private in the UK?

Any help of advise appreciated

Thanks x

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Hello there,

Yes, I did. I have twins now.

In my opinion Greece is no longer cost effectve.

Try looking at the Czech Republic.

I don't know what your situation is but certain amount can be one on the NHS.

There are clinics in Ukraine where the treatment, food, accommodation, meds are all inclusive.

You may not want to stay abroad a long time but it is worth it as your doctor can follow your progress in the preparation period so that the optimal conditions are in place when you have the embryo transfer.


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Hi Kerri!

Well, i haven't been to Greece but tried to collect information about self-funded treatment there and I can't remember why but we decided not to go there. however, it's still cheaper than in UK! You may look for different clinics' comparison at eggdonationfriends. It was useful for me.

As it was said before, Сzech is a nice choice. I've been there, although i had 2 cycles and no go. but I'm a bit concerned... I heard that there was a case in one of the clinics, well, doctors transferred wrong embryos and it caused lots of problems, you know.

Ukraine is the cheapest option, I believe. I think I can't be objective though, I have a baby thanks them.

good luck in your research!


Hi, I haven't been in Greece as well as others. Out treatment was in Czech and Georgia. But unfortunately, we failed 4 cycles of ivf. In two or three days we will go in ukraine. There are we will undergo de conception. You can also look onto ukrainian clinics. As far as I know there some of them whaich are very good and have cheap prices.


Hi Kerri, You can also look onto Bulgarian clinics. Treatments range between €2500 - 3000. These two clinics are among the best in the country.

international.shterevhospit... or


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