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my wife at 65 need advice on medical jargin


hi all i have a 65 year old wife in icu in jamescook middlesbrough she was rushed in ovar 3 weeks ago with breathing problume and chest infection they had to put her in a coma 3 weeks on todate chest infections clearing up shes off seditives and trying to wake her up shes still on a venterlateor mrshine she is breathing a bit on her owean shes had 2 ct scans on the brian 1st showed a bleed on the brain that they not worred ovar 2nd havent got results i was told her kidys arnt doing they job righte and she too week for kidy dialises to help clear the toxins in her blood she has blood clots in both lungs the left side of her heart isnt functioning as it shude she has asma they say shes inproveing brething on her owean with a bit of help of venterlator her kidys are still working bolwels are working am worried that the nuro doctor with put her to sleep for good as i dont want this as she has tryed veary hard to show inprovement as any one been in same as i am now was told they decide if she dies or not not me is this righte

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My mam is in icu 3 James cook too , praying your wife makes a full recovery xx

Oh I am sorry about your wife. I think that the doctors will come to you and tell you if they feel there is no more they can do. They wont just put her to sleep and let her die. If there is hope for her and things they can do to help her, then they will do that I am sure. Seems at the moment from what you said, they are still able to treat her medically. Sometimes as they fix one thing, something else goes wrong and it seems hopeless at times. Whilst she is weak her body will take longer to fight off infections and sometimes the kidneys can be the last organ to start working one their own again. I hope that she continues to improve, but just try to take it one day at a time because trying to look to the future will drive you crazy. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.

I had many of your wife’s conditions. My family went through the horrible emotional rollercoaster that you have embarked upon.

Much of the information they received, day by day, was contradictory and did nothing for their peace of mind. I reflect that I was in the best possible place to survive & I was treated brilliantly in ICU.

I wish your family all the best fortune over the next few weeks.

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